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Busy lifestyles, stress and illnesses deplete our supply of nutrients, making us susceptible to chronic conditions and diseases. Daily exposure to environmental toxins and diets lacking nutritious foods rob us of essential vitamins, which can damage our digestive systems and prevent us from properly absorbing the nutrients we do eat. Our IV Therapies have exactly what your body needs.

IV Therapy is much more beneficial than simply taking vitamins or supplements, because with oral administration, the natural absorption process in the body renders about 85% of that vitamin or supplement useless. Therefore the majority of the nutrients never make their way to your bloodstream. IV Therapies deliver essential nutrients into the bloodstream for 100% absorption. This allows for the cells to be nourished and hydrated from the inside out, resulting in long-lasting dramatic results.

IV Therapy can also help enhance your workout recovery, boost immunity, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Reported IV Therapy


Increased Energy Increased Energy
Enhanced Immune System Enhanced Immune System
Improved Hydration Improved Hydration
Accelerated Recovery Accelerated Recovery
Improved Vitamin/Mineral Absorption Improved Vitamin/Mineral Absorption
Enhanced Performance Enhanced Performance
Invigorated Body Invigorated Body
Decreased Fatigue Decreased Fatigue
Reduced Inflammation Reduced Inflammation
IV Therapy Treatment at Cryotherapy Indy


  • Aweeee....well needed for as much stress i have(dont we all)...i swear i lost a couple lbs in sweat!

    Heather Cameron Avatar
    Heather Cameron

    Great recovery for athletes

    Will Syrus Avatar
    Will Syrus

    Quick and easy. Work great.

    NessKey Avatar
  • Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Facility is a also very clean and comfortable setting. Would definitely recommend!

    Bethany Kempf Avatar
    Bethany Kempf

    I love this place for all of my pre and post recovery needs!

    Lauren Wagner Avatar
    Lauren Wagner

    Best place to relax and let go

    Charles May Avatar
    Charles May
  • Awsome experience! Float tank was very relaxing.. Staff was great that worked there! Cant wait to come back!

    Jesse Rankin Avatar
    Jesse Rankin

    Feel good even just a few minutes after treatment..

    mgream211 Avatar

    My go to place. Almost hate to review and let all my competition know about it but don’t hesitate. Cryo all day!!

    Adam Miller Avatar
    Adam Miller
  • Great experience. Really helped my legs recover!


    Found it both relaxing and rejuvenating

    Harold Cotton Avatar
    Harold Cotton

    I am a triathlete and with my intense training load, I find cryotherapy to be very helpful with my performance, recovery and preventing injury. The staff is super nice and welcoming and the facility and clean and top of the line. Highly recommend.

    Mandy Leonards Avatar
    Mandy Leonards
  • The Normatec boots are absolutely amazing and Cryotherapy is "cool" pun intended. Great customer service as well!

    Brandon Zimmerman Avatar
    Brandon Zimmerman

    Happy birthday to me! I think it's my birthday next week too! 😘

    Rebecka Howard Avatar
    Rebecka Howard

    Great service! First time floating - one of the most relaxing services out there! Very calm environment and kind staff, look forward to coming back!

    Kristina La Marca Avatar
    Kristina La Marca

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