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Busy lifestyles, stress and illnesses deplete our supply of nutrients, making us susceptible to chronic conditions and diseases. Daily exposure to environmental toxins and diets lacking nutritious foods rob us of essential vitamins, which can damage our digestive systems and prevent us from properly absorbing the nutrients we do eat. Our IV Therapies have exactly what your body needs.

IV Therapy is much more beneficial than simply taking vitamins or supplements, because with oral administration, the natural absorption process in the body renders about 85% of that vitamin or supplement useless. Therefore the majority of the nutrients never make their way to your bloodstream. IV Therapies deliver essential nutrients into the bloodstream for 100% absorption. This allows for the cells to be nourished and hydrated from the inside out, resulting in long-lasting dramatic results.

IV Therapy can also help enhance your workout recovery, boost immunity, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Reported IV Therapy


Increased Energy Increased Energy
Enhanced Immune System Enhanced Immune System
Improved Hydration Improved Hydration
Accelerated Recovery Accelerated Recovery
Improved Vitamin/Mineral Absorption Improved Vitamin/Mineral Absorption
Enhanced Performance Enhanced Performance
Invigorated Body Invigorated Body
Decreased Fatigue Decreased Fatigue
Reduced Inflammation Reduced Inflammation
IV Therapy Treatment at Cryotherapy Indy


  • So far I'm loving this place.... Just joined the monthly membership and all the staff have been friendly and helpful. Been going everyday since I've joined. I'm going once a day for Cryo. Going to try other services when i have more time.

    Jeremy Cornelle Avatar
    Jeremy Cornelle

    Made me a believer!

    Grant Jenkins Avatar
    Grant Jenkins


    Scott Bond Avatar
    Scott Bond
  • Tried the float, sauna and cryotherapy. All felt great!

    Kevin Leffers Avatar
    Kevin Leffers

    My first time was a birthday gift from my cousin and this was absolutely amazing! The staff was awesome!

    Briana Wilson Avatar
    Briana Wilson

    I came in for the infrared sauna. The 30 minute session was wonderful. It was simple to make an appointment and get right in. Definitely would recommend it if you want to detox! Only side note is that they don't have a place to rinse off after.

    Elaine Donovan Avatar
    Elaine Donovan
  • Awesome experience guys! Thanks so much!

    Sarah Hoffman Avatar
    Sarah Hoffman

    Cryotherapy is amazing! The staff is very welcoming, friendly, and professional. It's like my home away from home.

    Amie Myers Avatar
    Amie Myers

    Did not enjoy cryotherapy myself- but the staff was amazing and very accommodating!

    Megan Stoner Avatar
    Megan Stoner
  • What an experience. Having the staff walk me through the process and then actually going through with the treatment- felt the effects so quickly and will come back with how extensive my workout regimen is. Will be a regular.

    Josh Hreha Avatar
    Josh Hreha

    Love the staff

    Marlee Breunig Avatar
    Marlee Breunig

    Cryotherapy felt great , really nice staff , def recommend

    Laith Kofahi Avatar
    Laith Kofahi
  • Wow this place is amazing. Very knowledgeable staff and makes for a exceptional experience.

    Tyler Barker Avatar
    Tyler Barker

    Great people; great experience; I train and am a IRONMAN; these sessions help with soreness and keep my legs fresh for the next workout

    Rob Sutton Avatar
    Rob Sutton

    Great staff!

    Michael Ainbinder Avatar
    Michael Ainbinder

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