About CryotherapyIndy

CryotherapyIndy is the first and only Whole Body Cryotherapy recovery center in Indianapolis.

We’re excited to be able to provide the latest, proven innovations in technology to ensure the ultimate athletic recovery and healing experience. Launched in 2015 by Dr. Charbel Harb after an extensive evaluation and approval process, CryotherapyIndy is Dr. Charbel’s latest step in providing innovative and leading-edge service to Indianapolis.

As CryotherapyIndy grows, so will our services. We will continuously expand our facility to incorporate new proven and effective therapies in healing technology to make sure you heal faster and perform better.

If you are seeking the ultimate level of recovery and wellness, coupling Whole Body Cryotherapy with Normatec can provide further improved circulation, accelerating the healing process even more. CryotherapyIndy also partners with Integrated Health Solutions to provide additional services such as acupuncture/dry needlingActive Release Technique (ART)Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), and chiropractic care.

At CryotherapyIndy, our goal is to apply effective, natural temperature therapy and other services to restore your body and optimize performance. Your recovery and health are our priority.

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Cryotherapy Indy