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Regain or improve an active lifestyle — pain-free and with a team of passionate chiropractors near Indianapolis. Cryotherapy Indy partners with Integrated Health Solutions at both the Northeast and the Downtown Indianapolis locations. No other clinic in central Indiana and very few in the US offer such a vast amount of integrated, evidence-based, clinically-proven therapies for your ailment, all in one place.

We specialize in relieving musculoskeletal pain and optimizing physical performance. You’ll be pain-free and able to move better with optimum health through a series of available services and personalized approach:

Your trusted Indianapolis chiropractor with over 20 years of experience

Find a chiropractor that works with you, not just for you. Set goals, track your progress, and regain mobility with combined services from CryotherapyIndy and Integrated Health Solutions.

Chiropractic Adjustments

With a touch of passion and confidence,  this realignment encourages optimal body mechanics and functionality so that you can move fluidly and partake in the activities that bring you joy.

Medical Acupuncture

Also known as Dry Needling, our years of experience have allowed us to finesse our technique to the most gentle and effective approach, ensuring the highest level of comfort possible in order to provide treatment for your spasm, tension, headaches, and pain. 

Soft Tissue

We mindfully apply the right amount of targeted pressure to your muscles and joints. The techniques used increase blood flow so that tissue becomes more fluid and malleable. You can expect a more joyful lifestyle due to decreased aches and pains and a maximized range of motion.

Functional Rehab

We help your body find its most efficient and healthy mode of movement. This treatment guides your joints and muscles into healthy movement patterns. You’ll be the best version of yourself with an abundance of energy and confidence.

80-90% of our patients have total resolution of symptoms and improved functionality within 8-10 short visits.

Your body’s needs are unique, so is our approach that equally delivers one-of-a-kind results. By listening to your needs and goals and thorough a functional exam, we personalize your treatment plan. We spend the necessary time with you to address the source of your pain, not the symptoms.

All of our carying staff are expertly trained professionals. Each Chiropractor passes four rounds of boards through NBCE, takes a jurisprudence exam, and appears before a board to become licensed. With additional training and certifications, each Chiropractor also becomes a Licensed Acupuncturist as well as becomes certified in SFMA and DNS.

We’re trained to interpret multiple imaging modalities, including x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound to evaluate for injury and track the progress of rehabilitation.

This unparalleled combination of passion, licensure, training, and decades of experience give you therapeutic benefits so you can enjoy the activities you love. You get amazing results backed by science, data, and experience.

Each patient receives a complete functional exam to assess the root cause of your symptoms.  Our treatment plans are focused on providing you progress within a few short visits. 

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Schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting you! Our promise to you is  that we’ll listen with compassion and always be present. Call us today at 317.449.2030.


Consultation and exam. We’ll take your history and explain our findings. We’ll talk about your goals and outline a personalized treatment plan.


We work together. During each visit we’ll share exercises, stretches, and other lifestyle modifications you can make to improve your wellbeing and health.


Empowering you. With the knowledge you gain throughout your experience with us, you’ll be able to stay healthy and independent beyond your treatment.

Frequently asked questions about chiropractic care

Yes! Because we’re board-certified and licensed, most major insurance is accepted and will cover a portion or all of chiropractic visits. Check with your insurance or call our office at 317.449.2020 with questions.
We typically start your session with medical acupuncture, followed by soft tissue release that further helps restore tissue and joint mobility, an adjustment and finishing off with dynamic rehab which allows the patient to be empowered with at-home self care including stretches and exercises to get better faster and to stay healthy beyond our visits. . We evaluate and monitor. We’ll get your feedback to ensure we are meeting your goals and do any necessary modifications to maximize progress. 
Absolutely. In fact we equally and very successfully provide relief for neck pain, migraines, lower back pain, headaches, jaw pain, ear ringing, carpal tunnel, knee pain, sciatica, hip pain and other injuries related to overuse or repetitive micro trauma.
Dr. Ma, founder of Integrative Dry Needling, states that dry needling is the evidence-informed practice of ancient Chinese medicine. Dry needling focuses on finding the trigger points, the knots and ropes you feel in your muscles in order to restore tissue extensibility and normal muscle tone and physiology. On the other hand traditional Acupuncture tends to place the filaments more superficially and along meridian channels and predetermined acupuncture points. The depth of dry needling varies based on the muscle, tendon, or ligament being addressed. Interestingly, Dr. Ronald Melzack found that more than 70% of classic meridian acupoints correspond to common trigger points.

The filaments are a quarter of a millimeter thin. Much of the time you won’t notice them. If you do, they feel similar to having a single hair plucked from your skin.
No, you do not have to get dry needling if you do not wish; but, the research supports numerous neurological benefits on tissue health with dry needling. Each filament inserted has the power of addressing thousands of cells to tell the brain to send an influx of natural biological healing processes to that area. This proven integrative approach allows you to be out of pain and back to what you love doing in the most effective and efficient way.

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