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I’ve heard from some of our athletes that we may not have won a championship like this if we didn’t have [WBC] available to us.

— Dr. T.O Souryal

Head Physician for the Dallas Mavericks

Customer Service is top notch! One of a kind facility in the Greater Indianapolis Area. As a competitive CrossFitter I often don’t follow the advice I give, but instead beat my body up on a daily basis. Without Dr. Charbel and his team, I surely wouldn’t have been able to contribute to my team’s efforts in the 2015 CrossFit Open. Very thankful for his services!

— J. Byczko

I have been using Cryotherapy and Normatec to recover from daily training for a half Ironman I have scheduled for the end of July. These treatments have helped immensely in removing pain and lactic acid. Totally recommend if you are training and want to recover faster.

— L. Phillips

I’m a hardcore runner and a CrossFit aficionado. I work out 6 days per week and I needed a good recovery tool. Cryotherapy has helped me immensely to recover from pain and injuries. The staff at Cryotherapy Indy is extremely professional and provides an outstanding service.

— E. Hdez

Indy’s most-trusted recovery and pain relief center.

Highly recommended and great experience overall! Staff is very friendly, attentive and caring. I tried the infrared sauna on this first visit and walked away thoroughly impressed – will definitely be returning for more sauna as well as trying the other services too!

— B. Miller

Whether you’re looking for a full-body recovery, or simply relaxing after a long day, Cryotherapy Indy has a solution for you

Cryotherapy Indy is the best. Went in for a float, cryotherapy and sauna, they were all amazing! Floating was very relaxing, sauna was very nice, didn’t feel like I was going to pass out and cryotherapy was amazing! Felt so limber after and very relaxed. I’m coming back every week!!

— C. Lowry

The sensory deprivation tank was everything it’s chalked up to be!!! And the friendly and professional staff made my birthday experience even better!

— L. Hill

I came in today hurting all over. I did the infrared sauna, the Cryotherapy and the Normatec. I feel great now. Cannot say enough good words about the facility and staff.

— H. Taylor

The best most relaxing day/experience I’ve had for a while. It’s like a mini intense vacation day. Better than a massage! Wonderful!

— V. Pitchford

Loved by our patients in Indy: 4.9 on Google Reviews

4.9 Stars - Based on 453 User Reviews
  • Cryotherapy Indy is a great place for all of your recovery needs! The staff is professional and friendly and always on time for your appointments. Highly recommend!

    Jessica Fithen Avatar
    Jessica Fithen

    Love this place doing acupuncture and ryotherapy. Loving me! Love doctor Charbel.

    Suzanne Kucharczyk Avatar
    Suzanne Kucharczyk

    Every time Iv been here it's been a wonderful experience. The staff is always professional and friendly and the services are state of the art.

    IndyDub 17 Avatar
    IndyDub 17
  • I’m a dancer here in Indy, and I’ll say the services here have kept me working in tip-top shape!

    Kieran King Avatar
    Kieran King

    Great experience and the staff is very helpful. Highly recommended

    Cristobal Macedo Avatar
    Cristobal Macedo

    Better than the Carmel one. Very hospitable and friendly. Chamber is even colder than competitors. .

    DJ Kali9 Avatar
    DJ Kali9
  • Awesome place for recovery and relaxation. You must try this out! My wife agrees. We drove up from Louisville just for this experience. If we lived here we would be here regularly. Indy, you have a healthy treasure here!

    Jon Tyson Avatar
    Jon Tyson

    Cryotherapy is wonderful for a distance runners sore body. The staff is always super friendly!!

    Shannon St John Avatar
    Shannon St John

    Cyro Indy has really helped me reoover and get back on the court. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

    Jeff rothbard Avatar
    Jeff rothbard
  • The staff is top notch!! They are friendly, knowledgeable and made my first time experience at great one. I will definitely be retiring and I highly recommend 👍🏾

    Pierre Desir Avatar
    Pierre Desir

    Great recovery for athletes

    Will Syrus Avatar
    Will Syrus

    Excellent staff and service!

    Ryan Marando Avatar
    Ryan Marando
  • Quick and easy. Work great.

    NessKey Avatar

    Best place to relax and let go

    Charles May Avatar
    Charles May

    Staff is very helpful. If you’re looking for the latest in recovery - pay them a visit

    Stuart Weasner Avatar
    Stuart Weasner

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