How Floatation Therapy Can Help

It is true that modern life is far less physically taxing than the life of our typical hunter-gatherer ancestors, that does not mean we are necessarily better at relaxing. The fact is ancient life had a natural ebb and flow to it that enabled our bodies to naturally synch with the light of day and wind down gradually as the day went on until, by the time it was dark out, ancient man and woman were relaxed and fully primed for sleep.

How does this sound compare to a day in the life of the modern average man or woman? Think about it: how do you spend your days? 

Most of us wake up in the dark, work in a coffee-fueled office all day, leave at the end of the day, and by the time we get home, it’s dark. We flip on the TV and “relax” before bed. An electronic, highly-stimulating TV is no substitute for the kind of pure and clear relaxation that something like flotation therapy can provide.

Flotation Therapy Helps You Relax

Flotation therapy helps you relax both during and after your “floating” session. Many “floaters” report positive sensations for days following their session. And better relaxation has been shown to:

  • Reduce Muscle Tension: Reduced muscle tension when floating occurs because of the presence of Epsom salt in the water, the deep breathing many people do while in the tank, and the lack of potentially stressful electronics.
  • Decrease Blood Pressure: High blood pressure has been linked to a number of health concerns including metabolic syndrome.
  • Improve Hormonal Balance: Hormones impact a wide variety of functions in the body. From how you feel, to how hungry you are, to how you sleep, and more.

Floating Helps You Focus

For those living in cities or other urban areas, finding a respite from the noise and traffic is harder now than ever. Going outdoors and clearing your mind in the sun is a great idea, but for many busy professionals or people in cold-weather climates, it’s often impossible. This is where float tanks come in. Floating is an effective way to block out the noise and distractions of the day and focus on concentrating on the things that matter. 

Flotation Therapy Reduces Muscle Pain and Soreness

Muscle pain and soreness are common symptoms among athletes and others who exercise regularly. Whether it is back pain from weightlifting, leg pain from doing squats, or full-body soreness resulting from other athletic exercises. If you are even a relatively active person, this sort of soreness is (to some degree) a way of life, and nothing really needs to be “fixed”. 

However, things change when the regular soreness becomes too pronounced. Excessive muscle pain or soreness resulting from exercise can be largely reduced with flotation therapy. A combination of the results from relaxing and the use of Epsom salt has been shown to have dramatically positive results.

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, gives muscles the minerals they need to effectively process lactic acid, which is known to build up in the system after difficult physical activity. Lactic acid is a leading cause of muscle pain and soreness. Again, in small doses, a little lactic acid in your muscles, just as a little bit of soreness is perfectly acceptable, but if you are regularly physically active and are struggling with your soreness, it is important to consider solutions like flotation therapy.

Floating Improves Athletic Performance

Because flotation therapy helps reduce muscle pain and soreness, it is a highly useful tool for athletes who regularly need to perform at a high level. If two athletes work hard out on the field or on the court and then return the next day to do the same thing, the athlete who is less sore is at an obvious advantage and can perform better and work harder for another day. These results compound over time, making the importance of reduced soreness greater and greater.

Flotation Therapy Improves Cognition

Those unfamiliar with the benefits of quiet reflection or meditation while floating will be impressed at how it helps them feel the rest of the day. 

Rather than feeling tired after a flotation therapy session, many report feeling a calm energy that helps them get through the day feeling focused and less anxious. 

The result is floaters often perform better in their everyday lives.

Floatation Pod

Floating Can Improve Skin

The benefits of magnesium sulfate baths on the skin are impressive. You will leave your floatation therapy session with clearer, glowing skin that feels and looks great. 

You can see the difference in as little as one session. Take a close look at the pores on your face before you step into your float tank and again right after. They will be far clearer and clearer by the time you get out.

Flotation Therapy Strengthens the Immune System

A strengthened immune system is also often reported in association with flotation therapy. So if you are feeling a bit under the weather, or want to make sure your immune system is prepared for cold weather, try floating.


Flotation therapy is a great practice that has many benefits ranging from helping you relax and focus on improving athletic performance, cognition, and more. If you do not feel as healthy as you could be or often struggle with a racing, disjointed mind, consider trying flotation therapy.

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