February 16, 2016

Cryo and the CrossFitter: Matt’s Honest Take on Cryotherapy

CrossFit. Many people know what it is, some by choice, others because their friends won’t shut up about it. I am one of these CrossFitters, and I happen to be pretty good at it. At the ripe old age of 21 I have qualified and participated in the 2015 CrossFit Super Regional for the Central region. Before that I took part in the CrossFit Open which is 5 weeks of grueling, painful, and body destroying workouts that would make your doctor cringe. It was right before this open that I found (and started working for) Cryotherapy Indy. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Matt, You’re 21 years old. You’re not supposed to get sore, knee pains, muscle pains or have a problem recovering at all!” I would agree with you. If I was a normal 21 year old, who did CrossFit like a normal person, I wouldn’t get sore. But I’m far from normal, and I am not a normal CrossFitter. I’m what some might call a “semi-professional” CrossFitter. I’m in the gym for about 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. MY body is put under immense intensity, pressure, and I just plain kick my butt everyday. Its this kind of butt kicking that has led me, a 21 year old, to NEEDING recovery methods like the Cryotherapy. Since I have found the machine, nothing has been the same. All and all the machine just plain works. Granted I work for the company that owns it and runs it, but honestly they could just pay me with sessions and I would be fine with that (don’t let them know I said that though). If you ever come in on a Wednesday or a Friday after 1:00 you have a very solid chance that it’ll be me running you though the machine, and you’ll be able to find out first hand that passion that I have for the machine. Like I said before, the Cryotherapy just plain works, and that’s the truth. Content provided by Matt Rattay More Articles