Tips for a Perfect Float

Whether this is your first time trying floatation therapy or if you have tried it before and enjoyed it, you are probably looking for tips on improving your experience. To help you out, we’ve compiled some insights from veteran floaters. We hope these tips help you feel more comfortable so you can get the most out of your float session: 

  1. Don’t Pressure Yourself. 
    The biggest mistake that first time floaters make is coming in with many expectations, only to end up being disappointed. For example, some beginners expect to quiet their busy minds on their first try, and then get disheartened if they can’t empty their thoughts for 90 minutes straight. It’s okay if you can’t shut your brain off. It’s okay if you don’t achieve deep meditation. There is no need to stop the flow of your thoughts. The key to a successful float tank experience is to come in with an open mind, without any expectations.  Don’t put so much pressure on yourself!  The mind will relax if you trust it to.
  1. It’s Easier Than You Think. 
    There are many ways to calm down while waiting for your floatation therapy to start. For example, you can transition into relaxation by reading a book at the waiting room. Additionally, you can close your eyes and breathe deeply, or even chant a simple mantra while you’re showering before your float.&nbspTips for a Perfect Float
  1. Figure Out What you’re Really Scared Of.
    Are you a little bit claustrophobic? Don’t worry—the door doesn’t have to be closed shut. Are you afraid of drowning? That’s virtually impossible in a floatation tank. Ask yourself what you are worried about and tell the staff about it. They will be happy to explain the process and the science of floatation therapy to you.  Soon you will be floating with confidence!
  1. Go In With A Light Stomach.  
    Avoid heavy meals and try to clear the body of any excess water before you float. A light meal is okay, or you can have nothing at all. Floating in a sensory deprivation tank can make you hyper aware of your body. If you’re too full, your focus will likely go to your digestive system. Also, you don’t want to get the urge to pee while in the tank, so don’t over hydrate. 
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