How Do I Prepare for a Floatation Tank Session?

Feeling stressed lately? Do you find yourself complaining of random aches and pains? Perhaps it’s time to give float therapy a try. Fortunately, you won’t have to travel far. Cryotherapy Indy now has two locations throughout the city of Indianapolis!  If this is your first time in a float tank and don’t know how to prepare, we’ve got some tips for you!

  1. Avoid Taking Any Caffeine, Alcohol, Or Drugs Before Your Session. 

    Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and drugs if you are planning on trying floatation therapy. Some drugs can alter the senses, and when combined with floatation, they may cause you to faint vomit, or panic. Never drink alcohol before your session to avoid the experience of a hangover while in the tank. Stay away from stimulants like sodas, chocolate, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks, too. They may increase adrenaline and make it more difficult for your brain to relax and calm down.

  1. Shower Before Floating (and Right After). 

    A good shower can help loosen up the body and help you relax. Don’t set the water temperature too high, as this can make the float tank seem cold in comparison. 

    Experts also recommend showering after your session to get rid of any excess salt solution, which may cause redness or itchiness if left on the skin.

  1. Don’t Wax, Shave, or Leave Wounds Open.

    The float tank contains over 800 pounds of Epsom salt. The salt can irritate freshly waxed or shaved areas. If you have scratches or wounds, make sure to cover them with liquid bandages. Don’t try floatation therapy if you have a rash or an open wound, as the bacteria may compromise the cleanliness of the tank.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous at first, but there’s no need to be anxious. If you are claustrophobic, tell the staff. They can set the tank door in a position that you feel comfortable with. Contrary to popular belief, a closed-door—while it can certainly enhance sensory deprivation—is not required. Don’t want to float naked? No problem—you can wear a bathing suit if you so choose.

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