Our Infrared Sauna Experience

Invigorating, exhilarating, relaxing. Not to mention sweating.

There are several ways to receive infrared therapy. At Cryotherapy Indy, we use an infrared sauna. This allows us to heat the entire body from the core, promoting holistic healing.

When you arrive at Cryotherapy Indy, our well-trained staff will guide you to the modern, inviting infrared sauna room. If it’s your first time, we will walk you through all the great features of the sauna. We’ll also provide you with refreshing water, to stay hydrated through your session. You’ll be in a completely private room, so you can choose to use the sauna in as few clothes as you wish. We provide several large towels to sit on, as well as smaller towels for your face. You can listen to the radio, or just sit in meditation. Many of our clients enjoy massaging their muscles while in the sauna, as flexing and stretching help relieve tension, pain, and tightness.

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