Floatation Pod Experience

Shallow water. Deep relaxation.
Stepping into the sensory deprivation pod is as simple as stepping into your bathtub. As you sit back, the dense saltwater holds you in perfect suspension, floating. The water quickly acclimates to match the temperature of the air, and of your body, creating a unique feeling of being suspended in nothingness. This allows your body to reach a full and complete relaxation.

You are in complete control of your session, and can choose to close the tank lid completely, leave it slightly open, or open completely. Our tanks are equipped to play music and display colorful lighting, although the sensory deprivation of absolute darkness and silence can help your mind reach a complete relaxation, and is what brings clients back again and again.

First, you will shower off in one of our private prep rooms. You may choose to insert earplugs, as your ears will rest slightly underwater. You may float in swimwear, but most people prefer to float wearing nothing at all. Your session is completely private.

Once ready, you’ll step into the tank, and sit down like you would in an ordinary bathtub. As you lean back, the dense water floats you to the top like a cork. You will find it is impossible to sink in this magnesium-enriched water.

Quickly, your body will acclimate to the water and air, and you will not be able to tell where to water and air meet. This is key to the sensation of floating. In your first session, you may experience difficulty getting your mind to completely relax. We recommend focusing on your breathing.

Some discomfort is normal in the first few minutes, as your mind begins to focus intensely on minor feelings and twitches. The key is to relax your muscles, and then your mind. You will not sink in the water, so you don’t have to fight against the water. Many people sleep comfortably while in the tank.

At the end of your session, you simply stand up and step out of the tank. You’ll want to rinse off again in the shower to remove the salt water from your body (although Epsom salt is great for hair and skin, it can be corrosive to clothing). You will then exit the room to allow our staff to clean and prepare the tank for the next client.

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