Research has shown floatation therapy to be incredibly beneficial to both the body, and the mind.

Its therapeutic effects are well documented, and have been studied since sensory deprivation pods were first developed in 1954. Here, you’ll find links to videos, websites, article, and books that discuss some of the benefits of floating.


Men’s Journal discusses some of the health benefits of floatation therapy.

The Atlantic gets deep into the experience of floatation tanks.

Discover puts myths about floatation therapy to rest.

Research Articles

This website explains the array of health benefits linked to Epsom.

Dr. Oz explains how Epsom Salts provide a magnesium boost to the body.

Floatation tanks significantly decrease stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.

Time in floatation tank has significant impact on blood lactate levels and perceived pain after massive bursts of exercise.

Clients using floatation therapy are more likely to fall asleep more easily, both through relaxation and reductions in chronic pain.

New study shows sensory deprivation may be beneficial treatment for neuropsychological disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Aspergers syndrome, and more.

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