Freeze Away Your Eczema with Whole Body Cryotherapy

Woman in winter coat

It’s been a hot summer in Indiana, and thanks to the reality of climate change, sweat-before-you-get-to-your-car degree temperatures don’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. While this may mean more pool days and sunshine for most, it can mean something much worse for an annoyingly large segment of the population. By “something much worse,” I … Read more

Infrared Sauna – The Safe Light that does Wonders to Your Body

Woman in infrared sauna

Saunas are commonly known as a great way to flush out and detoxify our body. But  what is not commonly known are infrared saunas. Infrared saunas have recently became highly popular in the health and wellness community because of the endless health benefits it offers. Infrared saunas use invisible light, or infrared rays. Instead  of … Read more

Fighting the Winter Blues

Sad Snowman

We have all had those days, letting the cold dark winter weather affect our mood and take away any productivity we may have had planned. What is this feeling? Why am I always tired and gaining weight? Some may say it’s the winter blues but in fact you may be suffering from something much more … Read more

A Healthy Summer: 5 Benefits of Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

The sun’s rays are heaven’s arrows to earth that bring forth an array of either destruction, or relaxing mitigation. The damaging elements of the sun’s rays are one to take account for but we can’t forget the benefits! We’ve all heard it before… the sun’s capability of all things toxic, including skin cancer and second-degree … Read more

Have You Met Our Friend: NapTown Fitness?

Are you looking for a community of like-minded individuals? If your answer is yes then we would like to introduce you to one of our friends in the health and fitness industry, NapTown Fitness. With two locations in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and one in Broad Ripple, NapTown has been giving back to the … Read more

Cryo and the CrossFitter: Matt’s Honest Take on Cryotherapy

CrossFit. Many people know what it is, some by choice, others because their friends won’t shut up about it. I am one of these CrossFitters, and I happen to be pretty good at it. At the ripe old age of 21 I have qualified and participated in the 2015 CrossFit Super Regional for the Central … Read more

Mastering Your Sleep: 5 Tips to Increase Your Sleep Quality

Sleep Quality

We’ve all been there, shuffling under our “cozy” comforters to find that sweet spot where we can finally drift off into the ethereal land of restful relaxation only to wake up feeling a bit more drowsy than the night before. How can we conquer this common occurrence? More sleep doesn’t always work, granted we should … Read more

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